NOTD // The Showpo Pink

Very recently, Kit and Mecca created a few nail polish shades in collaboration with beauty gurus and notable beauty icons! They were available as a gift with purchase (yep, I was bad and bought more stuff), and I ended up with this shade by Jane Lu, the CEO of Showpo. I really wanted Michelle's shade but unfortunately they only had Jane's left. Not so unfortunate though because I absolutely adore this colour!

This shade is a crazy bright lilac colour - that mix of purple and pink. It's neon without being too fluorescent, but it still made my camera freak out and it didn't capture the colour accurately. Yay for Photoshop though as I managed to edit it to be as close to the real thing as possible! I got quite a few compliments on this shade and it really is quite unique in my collection. I'm becoming more and more partial to these sorts of purply-pink shades lately, I really want a lipstick this colour!

The formula of this polish is excellent, and it makes me want to try more of Kit's nail polishes! It went on pretty opaquely and evenly. You could probably get away with one coat, but I went for two just to build up the colour and even out any vague streaks there were. Lasting power is also great - it lasted for about 5-6 days before it started chipping! 

There's really not much more to say...awesome formula and a stunner of a colour. It does suck though that you can't get it anymore! :( Sorry for being a tease but I had to share it! :P

Did you manage to get your hands on any of these limited polishes?