The Unnecessarily Necessary Haul

It's about that time again...the time for a big ass haul. As usual with hauls of this calibre - it's very much collective, products that have accumulated over the past couple of months but mostly through July! I call it "unnecessarily necessary" as there are some items here that I've been wanting to try for ages, although there are also some that I really didn't need but YOLO'd it anyways :P It's gonna be a long one...as per the usual!

Let's get them high end bits out of the way first ;)

Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers
I'm still a little shocked myself that I actually bought this. I've always heard TONNES about the Too Faced bronzers but I've never really been eager to try them. I'd seen photos of this palette of all of their bronzers online and didn't think much of it. I swatched it instore and my interest peaked, they were really nice. Then a lot of my favourite bloggers started talking about them (Lily Pebbles, and more) or maybe I just started to notice! Then, the lemming began. It's limited edition! It has all of them - in mini size! It's great value for money! (Still $65 though... >_<) Sooooo...the next time I popped into Mecca Maxima, I bought it. What can I say, my interest in Too Faced has grown exponentially since falling in love with the Chocolate Bar palette. I must say though, these bronzers impress. I'm seriously loving Chocolate Soleil as well as Pink Leopard as a blushy/highlighty/warmth-giver. More on this later ;)

I posted my NOTD with this last week. It came as a GWP with purchases of $65 or more so I just qualified with my Too Faced purchase. Totally justified it right!?!??! Anyway, it's a gorgeous colour with a great formula!

Mecca Beauty Loop Box
Yaaay I finally qualify for one of these! I'm only level 1 but it's still pretty exciting. Just goes to show how much my restraint in purchasing high end products has dwindled... This round's box wasn't amazing but there are a few things I'm excited to try, despite them being sachet samples. It contains the By Terry Mascara Terrybly (deluxe sample size, the tube feels so luxe!), sachet samples of Kate Somerville Nourish Daily Moisturiser, Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturiser SPF 47 and REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. Who knows, maybe I'll get to level 2 by the next box :P

MAC Patisserie lipstick
I actually didn't buy this! My sister's friend is allergic to an ingredient so she gave a bunch of unwanted products to my sister, including Patisserie! I did have to swap my sister one of my lipsticks though haha...bye bye Hang Up (I liked you but my want of Patisserie is so, so much stronger). I was actually totally planning on purchasing this on my US trip, but now I can cross one thing off of my shopping list! So far so good, it's a gorgeous sheer peachy-pinky-mauve MLBB shade.

Eeeeeeeee - I finally got my hands on some Makeup Geek products! They were having free shipping and I just decided to bite the bullet and puchase a BUNCH of stuff that I've been wanting for ages. When I go crazy...I go crazy. I basically watched Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights MUG favourites videos and chose from there haha, there is a very warm feel throughout... ;P

I bought five of their normal range of eyeshadows; Peach Smoothie, Creme Brulee, Cocoa Bear, Cosmopolitan and Burlesque. Of course I had to get some of their foiled shadows - these have been raved about like no other! I got In the Spotlight, Grandstand and Flamethrower. So far I'm really enjoying all of these and have been wearing them a lot. I'm still experimenting but they are definitely worth all the hype!

You know me, I'm a blush junkie - obviously I had to buy some of their blushes. I opted for Bliss, Infatuation and Summer Fling. All typical me shades. What can I say, I'm a sucker for them peachy tones. So far these are gorgeous as well - Infatuation and Summer Fling are so pigmented! 

And obviously I had to buy something to put them all in! I went for the Z Palette Large in Lavender. I'm in love with this colour! It's quite similar to the Jane nail polish :) It's a lot thicker and sturdier than I imagined it to be, I love it though and have already added a couple of other pan products I had lying around into it! I will definitely have a full review with swatches etc of all of these products soon though!

Priceline has been having some pretty good sales lately so I hit them up! Heads up, tomorrow and Wednesday they are having 40% off skincare!

Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream
I've been hearing really cool things about this product so I decided to pick it up when it was on intro price. I haven't started using it yet, but I'm excited to! It smells so nice and has the coolest looking jelly-liquid texture!

Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polishes in Pillow Talk, Lose your Lingerie, Rolling in the Grass and Peachella
I bought these when Rimmel was 50% off so then ended up being around $2 with my staff discount! There are some really pretty shades in this range, I've worn most of them now and the formula is great, as is the lasting power! 

L'oreal was also 3 for 2 and I definitely didn't need any of these, but I was just so keen to try the new foundation!

L'oreal Infallible 24h-Matte foundation in Radiant Beige
This foundation has been getting a ridiculous amount of raves lately and I was just so darn keen to try it! I'm not one for a matte finish but I'd heard lots of reviews that it wasn't matte matte. Plus, I haven't bought a new foundation in so long, I was itching to try something new! So far, I like it but I don't love it. It clings quite badly to dryness and isn't a full coverage as it claims. It does give good medium coverage, great lasting power and a matte finish that looks really natural.

L'oreal Lumi Magique Touch of Light Highlighter in Dark
For some reason, out of nowhere, I just really wanted this. Despite these pen concealers having been around for ages, I'd never tried one, nor have I ever been into highlighting with this sort of product. I guess I just cracked because I really wanted to try it! So far I like it, it covers fairly oh well and adds a bit of radiance. The shade I have isn't much lighter than my skintone which I don't mind since I didn't want it to be too pink or chalky looking.

L'oreal Colour Riche Extraodinaire in Nude Vibrato
I've been wanting to try this for ages but never actually bought it. I finally succumbed with the 3 for 2! I really like this shade - it's a pretty nude-peach. The formula is a very pigmented gloss on the thicker side but not sticky. I find it can look quite heavy on the lips if you apply a lot so I tend to apply a little and tap it in.

Artiste Brush Cleaner
Randomly bought this as it was on sale. I've been wanting quick brush cleaner for when I wear various different eyeshadow looks throughout a week and don't want to deep clean my brushes. This one works pretty well but I looked at the ingredients and it's really just scented Isopropyl alcohol... Not in love with that but I'll use it sparingly.

Charles Worthington Intense Rescue Melting Balm
Charles Worthington is currently on sale at Priceline so I decided to pick up this balm. I seem to remember Fleur de Force talking about it aaaaages ago. It's a product that definitely intrigues me! It's like a solid oil-balm that you use on dry hair then rinse out, or you can use it as a leave in treatment. I do really want to try their texturising spray as well, but we still don't stock it at our store!

Colab Extreme Volume Dry shampoo in Tokyo
I bought this when it was on intro price. I wanted the normal version but we were sold out. First off, I'm NOT a fan of the Tokyo scent...it just smells bad? I don't know, it just really doesn't appeal to me and unfortunately does linger in the hair a bit. I'm a bit underwhelmed by this dry shampoo though. Maybe it's just this Extreme Volume version but I find it pretty average. I was definitely expecting more since I hear everyone saying it's the BEST DRY SHAMPOO EVAR. 

Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set
Yaaaaay my birthday present finally arrived! It came at the end of June, only like over a month after it was bought... This was my birthday gift from a few of my friends so thanks so much guys! I thought my friend had bought it from Beauty Bay (notorious for slow shipping) but it was actually from Luxola! Not impressed since I'd heard products come from them within a week...oh well - I have it now and I'm thoroughly enjoying them! They're just so gorgeous and the quality is definitely there. Quite a few have already made it into my daily routine!

Hopefully, HOPEFULLY this will be my last haul for a little while! I legit need to crack down on saving up for my US trip! I also really need (yes, need) a new laptop (Macbook Air plzzzzz) because my current one is a CRAPtop and the battery lasts like 2 hours. I always say I'm going on a "spending ban" and it never really pans out but now I have goalssss lol so let's see if I stick to it.

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