Dem Cheeks be Poppin' Some More

My dream would be to have a bouquet of Clinique Cheek Pops...wouldn't that be just SO DARN PRETTY?!? Alas, two will have to do me! In case you missed it, I added another Clinique Cheek Pop to my collection - Fig Pop - while I was in the US. Unfortunately it seems we won't be getting this shade in Australia. A couple more shades have been introduced here recently (Pink, Melon, Pansy and Rosy) but I don't think we'll get the full line up, which is a shame as there are some gorgeous shades! Anyway, we all know I absolutely adore this formula of blush given how many times I've raved about Peach Pop, but I figured I'd share some swatches of Fig Pop! (plus it's an excuse to take photos of these CUTIES). 

L-R: Fig Pop swatched, blended, Peach Pop swatched, blended

The packaging of the Cheek Pops is still among my favourites! Despite being plastic, it still feels luxurious as it's solid and thick with a decent weight. I love the clear aspect as you can see the colour inside, plus the gorgeous pattern! Although I've used Peach Pop countless times, the pattern is still visible which is quite impressive - just not as crisp as a brand new one!

Although Fig Pop is the type of blush shade I've been going for recently (along the lines of a more nude-browny-bronze cheek), it's actually still quite unique in my collection! It really is quite a mauve-brown shade but it has a rosy warmth to it that sets it apart. When blended, you can really see the almost red tone come out! It's also a little bit deeper than some of the other more "nude" shades I have! I adore this shade as it's quite flattering on my skin tone, but it also really complements those warm browny-mauve-90s lip shades that I've come to love, and wear often! As you can see, there isn't really any discernible shimmer to Fig Pop, but you can see it has a slight silver-ish sheen to it that looks quite satin on the cheeks!

Formula-wise, it's consistent with my other Cheek Pop. The blush itself feels quite hard, but is smooth to the touch. It's pigmented, but not overly so, and blends really easily. Like I've said in the past, what I love most about these blushes is that they appear seamless on the skin! They don't look powdery at all and have the most amazing natural, one-with-skin look! It's like the happy medium between a cream and a powder; it's not powdery and obvious, nor is it overtly creamy or sheeny looking. Also, these last SO well and almost have a slight staining element!

If you couldn't tell already, I'm still smitten with this formula and am so glad to have another shade in my life!

Have you tried the Clinique Cheek Pops?

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