NOTD // Chilled-Out-O

Though summer has officially come to a close, and autumn has begun...it sure don't feel like it! Since coming back from negative winter temps in the US, I've forgotten how to cope in the heat! The last few days have been especially bad as it's been SO hot, but also rainy so the humidity REALLY sticks around. It's like walking through sweat. Eugh. But anyway, a very summery nail polish to have graced my tips this season was Essie Chillato. This was part of their summer 2015 collection which we only got in Australia fairly recently. 

Like my experience with a few other Essie polishes, the formula is alright. I mean it's perfectly fine, but I've almost become accustomed to those thicker, gel-like formulas that look thick and shiny on the nail. Chillato has a pretty thin formula, but is opaque in two coats. I find Essie generally chips a little easier on me and only lasts around four or so days, less if I'm hard on my hands. It's probably due to the thinner formula, perhaps I should just add another coat? I'm willing to deal with the average lasting power for Essie's unique shade range though!

Chillato is definitely one of the more quirky colours. It's like a mint green, except yellow toned. It's the same pastel lightness of a traditional mint, except instead of being "robin egg blue-y" it's more "pistachio-y". I think it adds that hint of fresh crispness - like celery or basil or something?? Coupled with the name it makes me think of a summery cocktail...mmm. I find this sat well on my skintone, but I've heard it can look weird on some people. It's definitely an odd colour, but one I absolutely love!

What are your thoughts on Chillato?