Pop the Champers!

Apparently I've been feeling quite "pop-y" on the cheeks lately! Rather unintentional as I've been meaning to write this review for YONKS. I even questioned whether or not I should even write a review on this product since it's been SO hyped up and practically everyone and their mother already owns it. The product in question is, of course, the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop, a collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. I acquired this a few months ago from Sephora au as soon as it launched. I'd been hanging out for this highlighter pretty much since Jaclyn announced her collaboration. It created so much hype and instantly became THE hottest product of the year. I had hope then that it would be made permanent (so I could eventually get my hands on it) and as I predicted - it has been! (gotta keep milkin' that money makin' machine ayyy). Anyway, I'm sure you guys are all sick of hearing about this, and have long since moved onto newer, shinier highlighters, but I thought I'd throw in my two cents (or sixty dollars)!

L-R: Swatched, Blended (in shade)

L-R: Swatched, Blended (in sunlight)

My love for the liquid Shimmering Skin Perfectors, plus the crazy hype and raves meant I had really high expectations for this product. First off, the packaging is standard Becca - gotta love that UFO, flying saucer compact. It feels weighty, secure and generally nice. The only peeve I have is that the opening clasp thing looks exactly like the hinge(?) so I always find myself pulling on the hinge instead of the actual opening!

The texture of the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed is as I expected; quite buttery and smooth but rather distinctly powder. It doesn't feel super creamy like the Makeup Geek Foiled Shadows, for example. Regardless, it's definitely not gritty. Although it doesn't have discernible glittery bits in it, you can detect individual shimmers, especially in the sunlight. Though these are generally undetectable, at times they definitely catch the light to create an intense flash and sometimes glittery effect, and when blended sometimes all you can see are sparse(ish) shimmers, if that makes sense. Overall though, the effect is STUNNING. This shiz is CRAZY pigmented. I literally barely tap my brush in and that's more than enough. This is a dayum intense highlighter that I sometimes feel like I can't be subtle with - even with a light hand! I suppose subtle highlighters are out of fashion now, since we all about dat GLOW. I generally gravitate towards more "sheeny" highlighters, but this one is definitely shimmery, and so intense that I went a bit overboard the first time I used it! I find with a highlighter this shimmery, it's important to be precise with placement and not blend it out too much, just the edges. Then you can get that gorgeous intense flash where you want it without going overboard. If you apply it with a too fluffy or too big brush, the shimmers can kind of spread out - possibly where you don't want them - if that makes sense!

The colour itself is absolutely gorgeous. I believe it's described as a peachy-gold, which I think is bang on. It's definitely gold, but not yellow and has that peachy-warmth without being too orangey or copper/rose gold. It's just a really lovely shade that I find extremely flattering on my skin tone. It's apparently supposed to suit all skin tones, but I think I have heard that it's a little dark on the super fair. 

So that was a rambly review, but what I'm trying to get at is that this is a crazy, gorgeous, INTENSE highlighter that I don't think suits every occasion. I tend to reach for this when I really want that ON FLEEK highlight - which is generally at night and not day to day (though I have worn it during the day when I'm in the mood, cuz why not). This is a highlighter that you either go all out with, or not at all - there is no in between!

Have you succumbed to the Champagne Pop hype?