Like Music to My Ears #4

It's time for a long overdue music post! I've been meaning to do an update for a while since I've been listening to a lot of new music! These four artists have been the standouts for me recently though, and have made the commute to uni a little less dreary! 

I've been a fan of RÜFÜS since I first heard their music in Triple J's hottest 100 of 2013 (Take Me and Desert Night), but their first album didn't grab me as much as their latest album - Bloom. When the first single Like an Animal was released, I pretty much had it on repeat - it's so dang jiggy! (jiggy is not the right word but w/e). Their genre is alternative dance, which probably explains why I always feel the urge to seat dance when I'm listening to their music. Although the electronic music is their standout, I also really love their vocals - I think they complement the music really well!

Kita Alexander Like You Want To
I was first introduced to Kita last year at the Meg Mac and Jarryd James concert as she was their support act. I have to say - she is awesome live and I soon fell in loooove with her music. She's a nineteen year-old Australian and I reckon more people need to hear her! She has that indie-pop sound that y'all KNOW I love, I think her vocals are amazing and her songs are real catchy - but don't get old. Her EP only has 4 songs and I've been listening since late last year and I still ain't sick of 'em!

Låpsley Long Way Home
I've only recently started listening to Låpsley since hearing Cliff on the radio and being quite intrigued. Her sound is so unique and I love the way she alters her voice in different songs, though in others it's really quite raw. Her genre is apparently electronic, ambient and alternative R&B. I can't describe genres for the life of me, and Låpsley really does have a unique sound where the genre varies between songs. I freakin love Operator and it's super different from anything else on her album - it's almost like jazzy and reminds me of an older era? Very jiggy and I loveee it. I also just discovered she's also nineteen...what's up with all these young talented people! And then there's me who doesn't know what tha heck to do with my life... :P

Matt Corby Telluric
This is Matt's debut album and wowowow it is amazing! Matt's voice is just soo lovely and unique and absolutely worth a listen. His music is varies between indie rock, soul, folk, blues (and others according to Wikipedia lel) which typically isn't something I'd gravitate toward, but it's so damn smooth and lush and like an exp-EAR-ience. Ya get that ;) 

Feel free to have a listen to my expertly ~curated~ playlist and tell me ya thoughts ;) Let me know what artists and music you've been loving! I'm always in the market for a good recommendation ;) 

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