Trippin' // Colorado

Time for the second instalment of my USA travel posts! In case you missed my first post, it was all about the Grand Canyon, plus a summary of all the places I went! Today's post documents my couple of days in Colorado - more specifically, we stayed just outside Denver with our family friends. They were super hospitable and graciously took us around. We actually didn't make it into the city, but we did take a bit of a road trip to the Rocky Mountains which was amazing! We stopped by a couple of towns and the surroundings were so picturesque! Even driving on the highway, the view is amazing as it's surrounded by the mountains! I really wish I took more photos but I got a few with the incredible sunset! Most people come to Colorado for the skiing which we didn't have time for (not that I'm much of a skier anyways :P), but you really get the ski feeling in these little holiday towns!

We stopped at Breckenridge for an early dinner/super late lunch. The day we went was actually the day of the Superbowl and seeing as the Denver Broncos had made it in, everyone was buzzing! We actually went to a pub for dinner and oh em geee the atmosphere! It was pretty packed and they had a fireplace and the screens going showing the game. We didn't expect to end up there but it was an awesome experience haha! We didn't stay till the end because it was even getting hectic when the Broncos had scored the first few goals/tries/touchdowns (???) so we figured we should leave before it got crazy! Plus I wanted to take photos while it was still light :P But yeah, the Broncos won - wooo! I think they had fireworks in the city or somewhere because we heard them when we got home!

Breckenridge is super cute though, it's like a little Christmas/winter wonderland with the snow, lights and decorations!

Earlier in the day we stopped by and had a drive through Georgetown which was so ADORABLE. I wish I'd taken photos of the houses because they had the cutest little colourful cottages I die. The whole ~aesthetic~ was just so adorable and like swiss-chalet-y. Can I just say I was absolutely FREEZING MY BUTT OFF tho. Plus it was like a ghost town because everyone was at home watching the game haha!

Our friends also took us to the famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre which is a naturally formed, open-air amphitheatre with amazing acoustics (apparently!). It's such a cool structure surrounded by these massive red rocks. It would be absolutely awesome to see a concert here!

Annnnd finishing with an awesome sunset pic just randomly after shopping. Why are the sunsets so damn bootiful in America???? Gimme dat peachy-pink. Anyway, I seriously wish we had more time in Colorado so we could better explore the rockies and Denver itself. Definitely somewhere I'd like to go back to!