Trippin' // Grand Canyon

I've finally started sorting through my USA photos, which means I can finally start posting some travel posts on ze blog! Yay! I don't think I've properly mentioned where I actually went, but I was away for three weeks and began my trip in Anaheim for two days at Disneyland! We landed in Los Angeles and caught a shuttle to Anaheim. We then went back to LAX to fly to Las Vegas. From Las Vegas, we hired a car to drive to Tusayan, Arizona, a town super close to the Grand Canyon. We stayed there for a couple of nights before driving back to Las Vegas to catch a flight to Denver. We actually stayed just outside Denver with family friends so we didn't actually make it into the city unfortunately! We did drive up to the rocky mountains though which were stunning! From Denver, we flew to San Francisco where we stayed for a few nights. Our trip finally came to a close with our last stop in Los Angeles! Anyway, I'm still sorting through photos and I thought I'd start out with what was probably the highlight of the trip; the Grand Canyon!

What was super handy about having a car and staying in Tusayan was that we were only like 10 minutes away from the canyon! The first night we managed to catch the sunset which was absolutely gorgeous! I actually had no idea what to expect from the Grand Canyon so it truly was breathtaking! I thought it would just be like cliffs but it's actually completely flat until it drops off into a huge canyon (no duh). Haha, it's really a surreal experience and the ridges in the distance almost look fake! Without the shadows they can almost look two dimensional! The sunset truly is beautiful though. With the sun setting behind, it casts such beautiful colours onto the canyon. I wish I got more, better photos but it was FREEZING and my fingers were basically numb. Plus, my camera started acting up! :( But yeah, I totally didn't expect it to be so cold, and I definitely didn't expect snow! I think the snow was super pretty though, and it's funny seeing snow on like cactuses and red desert rock :P

The next day we actually took a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon! It was super expensive but an experience that was SO worth it, and something you definitely can't get anywhere else. Seeing the canyon from an aerial view really shows you how VAST it is and the stunning cliff formations. Again, my photos weren't amazing because of the darn reflection of the glass! The actual helicopter ride was really cool too. I thought I might have felt motion sick but it was actually so smooth! They played music through the headphones to emphasis the epic-ness haha, like Star Wars and Indiana Jones :P

Dat ass doe. Haha DOE. GEDDIT?!

Having a car was super convenient as you could drive along and stop as many times as you like, for however long too, unlike if you were in a tour bus! We spent the whole day just driving and stopping, taking in the view! The snow and ice was pretty slippery and I slipped on ma butt more than once haha! Damn my non-grippy shoes! Also we spotted quite a few wildlife! Besides the deer, we also saw squirrels and elk and other furry creatures! I hope you enjoyed these photos and stay tuned for many more from my trip! The Grand Canyon is definitely a sight like no other and a must for the bucket list. It's pretty crazy that you can go right up to the edge but the feeling is so surreal! It's so vast and also quiet, it's insanely beautiful!